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About ALMA


ALMA: Italian LL.M. Association, is a non-profit organization directed at creating a network of Italian students and alumni of LL.M. degree programs from the top US law schools. The primary goals include the facilitation of knowledge sharing, a network of professional contacts and the promotion of its members in the international legal community. Therefore, ALMA seeks to assemble professionals in the legal community with business knowledge and a strong international dimension. The association intends to be a leading source of information within Italy for those professionals interested in pursuing legal studies overseas.


ALMA was founded by a diverse group of Italian lawyers and business professionals concentrated in the field of business law, who decided to develop a stronger network during their LL.M. studies and work experiences in the United States. 

The “pool” of active participants in the organization stem from a union of the founders of the organization and a constituency of those with a mutual interest in the organization.