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About ALMA

ALMA, the Italian LL.M. association, was established a decade ago by a group of International attorneys mainly operating in the corporate law field. The Association currently gathers thousands of members, including LL.M. graduates at top U.S. Law Schools, American and European legal professionals and businessmen. More 

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Featured Law School

UCLA School of Law has a reputation for excellence throughout the world. With its diverse academic programs, world-renowned faculty and innovative approach, UCLA Law is acclaimed as one of the nation’s finest institutions. The one-year LL.M. Program affords students the opportunity to specialize in fields such as Entertainment and Media Law and Policy, International and Comparative Law, and four Business Law tracks: Bankruptcy, Business, Securities Regulation, and Tax. Learn more and apply by February 15 at

Next challenge

We believe that the globalization of professional services and the growing international competition, represents a challenge that will be crucial for the future of global legal professionals and businessmen. We  can all benefit from a combined effort to face these unprecedented scenario.

We’ll share the  highest  ethical values and the most innovative ideas, within a common network of Top-notch professionals, scholars and current students.