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On March 23, 2018, ALMA held a cocktail reception to celebrate the presentation of its “Judicial Innovation Excellence Award” to Clara Flebus, Esq.   ALMA bestowed the Award upon Ms. Flebus in recognition of her substantial contributions to the efficient resolution of cross-border disputes through the work of the International Arbitration chambers of the Commercial Division of New York State Supreme Court, and the development of cutting-edge jurisprudence on the application of U.S. arbitration law in international cases.


Clara Flebus is a Court Attorney at New York State Supreme Court, where she resolves appeals in all types of civil cases, including commercial disputes, commercial and residential landlord-tenant proceedings, and negligence actions.  She holds an LL.M. degree in International Business Regulation, Litigation, and Arbitration from NYU School of Law, a program that is ranked first in the world among programs of its kind.  Ms. Flebusplayed a critical role in the establishment of the specialized International Arbitration chambers in the Commercial Division of New York State Supreme Court.  As global trade increases exponentially, litigants increasingly choose arbitration as a method to resolve cross-border disputes.  The International Arbitration chambers was created to enhance the processing and efficient resolution of international disputes, in keeping with the status of New York as the preferred venue for international arbitration in North America.  Currently, Ms. Flebus serves as the court’s expert on international arbitration-related matters and regularly assists the specialized chambers in handling those cases.  In addition to her innovative work at the courts, Ms. Flebus is a contributor to many peer-reviewed professional publications and books, having authored numerous articles on topics related to international commercial arbitration and litigation.